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NEW! Kahles K624i MSR/Ki RAL8000

NEW! Kahles K624i MSR/Ki RAL8000

New by Kahles! Kahles K624i MSR/Ki in RAL8000 color.


Specifically engineered for long range precision, built without compromise and featuring a special selection of advanced illuminated reticles, the K624i delivers the highest level of performance ever achieved.

Features K 624i 6-24x56
.: Parallax adjustment from 50m to infinity
.: Illuminated reticle in the first focal plane allow safe distance- and size measurements
.: 11 year worldwide warranty and 2 year warranty on electronics





The CompetitionTM SR Fixed 4.5x24 is purpose-built to provide the service rifle competitor maximum advantage for across the course shooting.  The fixed 4.5x magnification is the maximum allowed; and with a weight of just over 15 ounces, the CompetitionTM SR Fixed 4.5x24 is a perfect partner for the scope-sighted service rifle division.


Each 1/4 MOA click engages with a reassuring tactile feel and, as with every Nightforce riflescope, tracks true and without backlash. The ZeroStop™ feature provides a positive and repeatable return to your zero from any elevation adjustment. The parallax setting is fixed at 200 yards, which provides for a parallax free image out to 1,000.


Competition SR



NEW! Trijicon ACOG® TA11 3.5x35 LED

From the legendary ACOG® family of products, the LED ACOG is the first to offer user-selectable brightness controls. Users can select from six adjustable brightness levels with an "off" between each setting, allowing the operator to determine how much to illuminate the reticle - even in transitional lighting. Powered by a single AA battery, the LED ACOG can run for over 12,000 continuous hours (on setting #4). Like all ACOG models, it is forged from rugged 7075-T6 aircraft-aluminum, resulting in a nearly indestructible sighting system and electronics that offer outstanding reliability. Users can select multiple bullet drop compensating and ranging reticle options. Fully night vision device compatible, the Trijicon 3.5x35 LED ACOG is also compatible with most other 3.5x35 ACOG accessories available.


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Armasight is glad to present the Janus 10x and 15x, a powerful digital night vision bi-ocular that can impress even the most demanding users. One of the greatest advantages of digital night vision devices is their ability to be undependable from light conditions and so they will be equally effective no matter day it is or night. High-performance CCD camera ensures high quality of image. The manually adjustable eyepiece and objective lens allow user to adjust the device matching personal needs. This lightweight, powerful, water-resistant device can become a great support during the most different types of activities and provide user with the best comfort and conditions during night-time observation.

The device is extremely user-friendly. It was designed to provide users with the best possible comfort: it is easy to use, lightweight, provided with wireless remote control and digitally controlled adjustments, has real-time display. Auto-switching color modes will help to adjust the device according to the certain level of light.

The Armasight Janus 15x is provided with video input and output function, also you can optionally get digital video recorder.

The Janus comes with XLR-IR850 detachable long-range illuminator that provides an opportunity to operate under the conditions of low-light as well as in total darkness. Optionally you can buy a-focal doubler that will double the distance of XLR-IR850 beam.

If you are looking for a perfect solution for hunting, nature observation, camping or even security and law-enforcement operations, the Armasight Janus 15x could be exactly what you need.


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Pulsar Quantum XQ

Pulsar Quantum XQ

Thermal imaging scopes Quantum XQ/LQ based on IR sensor (uncooled microbolometer) are represented by a number of models featuring various frame rate, magnification and lens diameter. The scopes are designed for the use both in the nighttime and in the daylight in inclement weather conditions (fog, smog, rain) to see through obstacles hindering detection of targets (branches, tallgrass, thick bushes etc.).

Detector size 384x288 pixels
Pixel size 17 µm
Warm-up time - two seconds
OLED display (640x480 pixels)
Stadiametric rangefinder
Multiple color modes

XQ 19 Digital zoom x1.6 to x6.4

XQ 38 Digital zoom x3.1 to x12.4

XQ 50 Digital zoom x4.1 to x16.4

Display off function
Automatic shutoff
Wireless remote control
Three calibration modes – manual, automatic, semi-automatic
Three operating modes - City, Forest, Identification
Power saving mode
External power supply
Video output


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Pulsar CORE

- Simple adaption of day riflescope for night shooting
- Retaining point of impact
- Easy mounting
- Easy transfromation into monocular
- User friendly interface
- Wide operating temperature range
- Wireless remote control
- Lightweight and compact


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NEW! Flir Scout TK Thermal Vision Monocular

NEW! Flir Scout TK Thermal Vision Monocular

The NEW Scout TK

Thermal Vision Monocular

The FLIR Scout TK is a pocket-sized thermal vision monocular for exploring the outdoors—at night and in lowlight conditions. Scout TK reveals your surroundings and helps you see people, objects and animals over 100 yards (90 m) away. Simple to use, with still image and video recording, Scout TK is the perfect companion, whether in the back country or your own backyard.




NEW! Swarovski Z8i

NEW! Swarovski Z8i


The Z8i marks a milestone by SWAROVSKI OPTIK. This rifle scope’s 8x zoom and outstanding optics ensure that you couldn’t be better equipped for every type of hunting. The slim 30-mm (1.2 in) central tube also blends seamlessly with any hunting firearm. In addition, the ballistic turret flex and FLEXCHANGE, the first switchable reticle, provide you with maximum versatility in every hunting situation.




When weight is critical, yet maximum performance is essential, our newest riflescope is a game-changer.

Purpose-built for the lightweight requirements of short-range Benchrest, this new addition to the CompetitionTM family also excels in precision rimfire and air-rifle applications.


By eliminating the inherent weight of a variable-power mechanism, we were able to build the Competition™ Fixed 42x44 at just 20.7 ounces…without sacrificing the stunning images produced by ED glass or the robust mechanics for which we are known.


As with every Nightforce riflescope, the adjustments (1/8 MOA per click, 10 MOA per revolution) track true and without backlash. The side parallax adjusts from 10 meters to infinity and the eyepiece focuses the etched glass reticle quickly.


This CompetitionTM model utilizes a 44mm objective lens and incorporates premium ED glass, which provides a beautiful image through the optic in any condition. The tube diameter is 30mm, with an overall length of 15.2 inches. Our fine line reticle, the CTR-2TM, and fine line with dot reticle, the CTR-3TM, are available in this model.


Enhanced high contrast engraving is easier to see with larger numbers than most other riflescopes in its class. Internally, there are 45 minutes of angle of elevation adjustment and 35 minutes of windage adjustment available.

As with every CompetitionTM riflescope, the Fixed 42x44 undergoes a rigorous inspection process, to include our legendary impact test, before it can wear the Nightforce name.


The game has changed. The Competition™ Fixed 42x44 is making the rules.


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New by, ERA-TAC mounting systems.


All ERA-TAC mounts and mounting system components are now available in Dark Earth Brown and Desert Sand (grey-beige RAL1019). This color is an enamel paint which is applied over the Mil-spec type III hard-anodized finish. Pricing and delivery time available upon request.


Also available as a custom color for orders of 50 or more pieces is the green-brown RAL 8000, a hard anodized color, which is in use by the german army.

Pricing and delivery time available upon request.



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