This handguard replaces the lower part of the original foward handguard. It is attached to the barrel by two clamping rings. It offers a total of four NAR/Picatinny rails (Left/Right/Bottom/Top). The top rail, which is prepared to fit an Aimpoint Micro, protrudes backwards over the original rear sight.

Weapon: Kalashnikov AK47
Rails: 3
Rail pattern: NATO accessory rail STANAG 4694
Length of lateral right rail: 102 mm
Length of lateral left rail: 102 mm
Length of bottom rail: 149 mm
Length max: 243 mm
Width max: 56 mm
Height max: 78 mm
Weight: 361 g
Material: Aluminum & Steel
Treatment: Hartcoat anodized & Tenifer® QPQ
Color: Black
Comments: Mounting bracket for Aimpoint® Micro

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