The AK47 and 74 - the Kalashnikov - is the most widely used assault rifle in the world. As it is of simple buildt, the
improvement of combat effectiveness due to attaching a handguard is very resonable.
B&T offers a selection of handguards for the A in order to mount tactical lights, lasers and fore grips onto the

This handguard replaces the complete original forward handguard. It is attached to the barrel by two clamping
rings. It offers a total of four NAR/Picatinny rails (Left/Right/Bottom/Top). The top rail is depened lengthwise, so
the origianl sights can still be used. The top rail also reached forward over the gas port. The included tube
replaces the original piston tube.

Weapon: Kalashnikov AK47
Rails: 4
Rail Pattern: MIL-STD 1913 PICATINNY
Length of Top Rail: 175 mm
Length of Right Rail: 136 mm
Length of Left Rail: 136 mm
Length of Bottom Rail: 140 mm
Length max: 220 mm
Width max: 56 mm
Height max: 85 mm
Weight: 429 g
Material: Aluminum & Steel
Treatment: Hartcoat anodized & Tenifer QPQ
Color: Black
Comments: Replacement gas tube included