The Lahoux Spotter Elite 35 LRF is the ideal companion for the mobile user; for example when hunting or hiking. The light and compact design makes the Lahoux Spotter Elite 35 LRF easy to carry in your pocket and very suitable to be operated with one hand.


The Lahoux Spotter Elite 35 LRF has a high image quality and the high resolution screen ensures a sharp image with vivid colours. Together with the high refresh rate, you get an excellent usable image and good situational awareness. The lens provides a wider field of view compared to the Spotter Elite 35 LRF, allowing observation at longer and shorter distances making it more allround. The pixel pitch detector provides an excellent image and allows detection and observation at all distances.


Technical specifications


  • 640x512 Vox


  • 12

    Pixel Size, μm

  • ≤35

    NETD, mk

  • 50

    Frame Rate, Hz


  • 35 f/1.0

    Objective Lens, mm

  • 12.5°x 10.0°

    Field of view

  • 2-8

    Optical Magnification, x

  • 1x 1.5x 2x 2.5x 3x 3.5x 4x

    Digital zoom

  • -4 tot +5

    Diopter adjustment


  • 1024x768 OLED


  • 32

    Internal memory GB photo/video


  • 600 1

    Laser Range Finder, Range m

  • 160/90/50

    Dimension, mm

  • 0.40

    Weight, (without battery), kg

  • 1818

    Detection Range, m

  • exchangeable

    Power supply, li-ion

  • IP67


  • 1846/462/231

    Detection R I