PACKAGE #3: Push Button Tailcap, Clip, Lanyard & Mount

Our OPERATIVE® series of tactical lights are compact and lightweight, yet powerful and precise with the versatility you need to face any situation. These pocket-sized flashlights pack the power of larger full-size flashlights at a fraction of their size and weight.

The OV-2 High Intensity LED Light system has a modular design to meet the wide variety of today's battlefield needs. Interchangeable On/Off/Momentary push button switch, remote cable pressure pad switch or Dual (Remote Cable and Push Button Switch) options provide activation flexibility.

The OV-2 can seamlessly integrate with our DBAL-A3 by plugging the Y-cable (supplied with the DBAL-A3) into both the tactical light and the visible override port on the back of the laser housing. Pressing the Y-cable pressure pad will simultaneously activate the OV-2 and the visible laser. Pressing the second pressure pad, plugged into the standard laser port, will activate the infrared laser functions on the DBAL-A3.

The OV-2 easily mounts to any MIL-STD-1913 rail with our low profile mounts that neatly tucks the light in between the top and side rails of an M4/M16.

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•<200 lumen high intensity LED
•Multiple configurations available. See package options below