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Laser Devices ITAL-A
Power Output
Visible Red Pointer (635nm) (<5mW)
Remote Cable Pressure Pad
Quick Release

The ITAL-A and OTAL-A are rugged, compact and designed with the latest cutting-edge technology.

The A-series includes an adjustable infrared illuminator which allows the operator to adjust the size of the laser beam depending on mission requirements. When focused, the laser provides a continuous beam for precise aiming. When defocused, the beam spreads to provide improved illumination and situational awareness.

Visible models are available with either a red Super Power Point™ laser pointer or a green Ultra Power Point™ laser pointer--FIVE times more visible than traditional red lasers. The Green (<30mW, <50mW and <200mW) models also include a 4-position activation switch with an 8Hz Modulation Mode setting.

Laser Type
Visible Pointer <5mW: Class IIIa
Visible Pointer <30mW; <50mW: Class IIIb
IR Pointer <5mW; Class IIIb
Adjustable IR Illuminator: <50mW, <200mW; Class IIIb
Power Output (Hi / Lo)
Visible Red Pointer: <5mW / <1mW
Visible Green Pointer: <5mW / <1mW; <30mW / <5mW; <50mW / <5mW
IR Pointer: <5mW / <1mW
IR Illuminator: <50mW / <1mW or <200mW / <5mW
Visible Red Pointer: 635nm
Visible Green Pointer: 532nm
IR Pointer: 835nm
IR Illuminator: 835nm
Full Angle Beam Divergence
Visible Red Pointer: 0.3 mrad
Visible Green Pointer: 0.5 mrad
IR Pointer: 0.3 mrad
IR Illuminator: 0.5 - 75 mrad
Range/Visibility (Night/Day)
Visible Red Pointer: 500m / 10m
Green Visible Pointer: <5mW = 1500m / 30m; <30mW = 2500m / 100m <50mW = 3500m / 150m
IR Pointer: 600m
IR Illuminator: <50mW = 2000; <200mW = 5000m

Visible Red Pointer: -40C to +51C
Visible Green Pointer: -10C to +60C
IR Pointer: -40C to +51C
IR Illuminator: -40C to +51C
One 3-volt CR123A Lithium
Battery Life
Up to 20 hours continuous

Limited Warranty
1 year
Anodized aircraft aluminum 6061-T6
Weight (with battery & mount)
5.5 oz / 138.9 grams
L 3.8 in x W 1.8 in X H 1.45 in
L 9.7 cm x W 4.6 cm x H 3.7 cm
Waterproof to 20 meters