Laser Devices DBAL-I2
Restricted to Law Enforcement and Government agencies only. EXPORT LICENSE REQUIRED.

DBAL-I2 - with Visible Red Pointer (635nm) (<5mW), Infrared
Pointer (835nm) (<5mW). (Black)

(AA battery option available. Add letter "A" to end of part

The DBAL-I2 is the cutting-edge replacement for the AN/PEQ-2A combining an infrared laser pointer and an adjustable infrared illuminator in a lightweight, rugged metal housing.


•Provides the same functionality as the AN/PEQ-2A
•Is smaller and lighter than the AN/PEQ-2A
•Is significantly shorter than the AN/PEQ-2A and leaves more rail space for other accessories
•Mirrors the AN/PEQ-2A activation switch options
Built to perform under the most rigorous conditions and survive the harshest environments, the DBAL-I2 provides operators with a critical tool for use with night vision devices. Available in Desert Sand or Black.

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