Konus Rangefinder Konusrange 1500
The Konus Rangefinder Range-1500 is a tele- and speedometer in the range of Konus. The Konusrange is easy to operate by using the two buttons on the side of the unit. The Konusrange-1500 measures the distance of objects from 10 to 1500 meters and can also measure distance at an angle. The diopter can be focused by turning eyepiecewheel until you see a sharp image. By pressing the button on the side of the device called "Mode" you can easily change your mode. You can choose between 5 different modes:
•Mode 1 is the default mode in which the device is activated, in this mode, no additional information is displayed except for the measured distance.
•Mode 2 can also be usedto measured distance, but now there is more information in the screen.
•Mode 3 indicates the height of the object on which the object is located
•Mode 4 displays the angle on which the object is located, starting from the baseline.
•Mode 5 is the scan mode, during this mode u hold the "Adjust" button to continuously measure the distance while moving.

•Konus Rangefinder Konusrange-1500
• Storage bag
• Full Colour gift box
• Cleaning Cloth
• CR2-DC3V battery
• Multi-language manual