Laser Devices DBAL-A2H
Restricted to Government agencies only. EXPORT LICENSE REQUIRED.

Prices on request.

Power Output: Visible Green Laser (532nm) (<50mW), Infrared Laser (835nm) (<50mW), adjustable Infrared Illuminator (835nm) (<200mW)
Switch: Remote Cable Pressure Pad
Mount: Quick Release

When duty calls, the DBAL-A2 series is considered the most innovative multi-functional laser system available today.
The AN/PEQ-15A (U.S. DoD DBAL-A2), includes dual activation switches and raised windage and elevation adjusters. Available in Black & Foliage Green.
The DBAL-A2 model uses a single activation switch and incorporates an improved IR illuminator to provide better illumination at longer distances. The cleaner, circular beam allows for accurate range estimation and engagement of moving targets. Available in Black, Desert Sand & Foliage Green.

Laser Type
Visible Laser: <5mW: Class IIIa
Visible Laser: <30mW, <50mW: Class IIIb
IR Laser Class IIIb
Adjustable IR Illuminator: Class IIIb
Power Output (Hi / Lo)
Visible Red Laser: <5mW / <1mW
Visible Green Laser <5mW / <1mW; <30mW / <5mW; <50mW / <5mW
IR Laser: <50mW / <1mW
IR Illuminator: <50mW / <1mW or <200mW / <5mW
Visible Red Laser: 635nm
Visible Green Laser: 532nm
IR Laser: 835nm
IR Illuminator: 835nm
Beam Divergence
Visible Red Laser: <0.8 mRad
Visible Green Laser: <0.8 mRad
IR Laser: <0.8 mRad
IR Illuminator: ~1.0 to 195 mRad
*Range/Visibility (Night/Day)
Visible Red Laser: 250m / 5m
Visible Green Laser: <5mW = 750m / 15m; <30mW = 1250m / 50m; <50mW = 1750m / 75m
IR Laser: 1000m
IR Illuminator: <50mW = 1000m; <200mW = 2500m
Visible Red Laser: -40ºC to +º65C
Visible Green Laser: -40ºC to +º65C
IR Laser: -40ºC to +º65C
IR Illuminator: -40ºC to +º65C
1 x CR123A
Battery Life (model/mode dependent)
>3 hours

Limited Warranty
1 year
Aircraft aluminum 6061-T6 / MIL-SPEC Type III hardcoat anodized
Weight (with battery)
<8.5 oz / <240.97 grams
L 3.4 in x W 2.9 in X H 1.9 in
L 8.5 cm x W 7.4 cm x H 4.8 cm
Waterproof to ≥5 meters

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