Laser Devices DBAL-A3 Red laser
Restricted to Government agencies only. EXPORT LICENSE REQUIRED.

Prices on request.

Power Output: Visible Red Laser (642nm) (<65mW), Infrared Laser (835nm) (<50mW), adjustable Infrared Illuminator (835nm) (<200mW)
Switch: Remote Cable Pressure Pad
Mount: Quick Release

The third generation DBAL provides the same overall functionality as it predecessor, the DBAL-A2. The "visible override" port allows operators to integrate a white light LED with the visible laser to factilitate an immediate transition from night vision (IR mode) to daylight operations (visible mode).

Laser Type
Visible Red or Green Laser: <5mW: Class IIIa
Visible Green Laser: <30mW; <50mW; <65mW: Class IIIb
IR Laser: Class IIIb
Adjustable IR Illuminator: Class IIIb
Power Output (Hi / Lo)
Visible Red Laser: <5mW / <1mW or <65mW / <5mW
Visible Green Laser: <5mW / <1mW; <30mW / <5mW; <50mW / <5mW
IR Laser: <50mW / <1mW
IR Illluminator: <50mW / <1mW or <200mW / <5mW
Visible Red Laser: <5mW = 635nm; <65mW = 642nm
Visible Green Laser: 532nm
IR Laser: 835nm
IR Illuminator: 835nm
Beam Divergence
Visible Red Laser: <0.8 mRad
Visible Green Laser: <0.8 mRad
IR Laser: <0.8 mRad
R Illuminator: ~1.0 to 195 mRad
*Range/Visibility (Night/Day)
Visible Red Laser: <5mW = 250m / 5m; <65mW = 1000m / 15m
Green Visible Laser: <5mW = 750m / 15m; <30mW = 1250m / 50m; <50mW = 1750m / 75m
IR Laser: 1000m
IR Illuminator: <50mW = 1000; <200mW = 2500m
Visible Red Laser: -40°C to +65°C
Visible Green Laser: -40°C to +65°C
IR Laser:-40°C to +65°C
IR Illuminator: -40°C to +65°C
1 x CR123A
Battery Life (model/mode dependent)
>3 hours

Limited Warranty
1 year
Aircraft aluminum 6061-T6 / MIL-SPEC Type III hardcoat anodized
Weight (with battery)
<8 oz / <226.8 grams
L 3.5 in x W 2.89 in X H 1.78 in
L 8.9 cm x W 7.3 cm x H 4.5 cm
Waterproof to 20 meters

Specifications may change without notice.
*Range may vary depending on light conditions.

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