ARMASIGHT Prometheus-C 336 2-8x25 (60 Hz)
Armasight Prometheus-C is the latest and most technologically advanced Thermal Imaging monocular to enter the sporting, law enforcement, and military markets.
The Prometheus-C is a solid state, uncooled, long-wave infrared, magnified, dedicated handheld thermal imager intended for day and night engagements. The Prometheus-C is based on the latest FLIR Tau 2 VOx microbolometer core. The thermal imaging technology allows you to detect targets by cutting through snow, dust, smoke, fog, haze, and other atmospheric obscurants. The Prometheus-C demonstrates its operational flexibility for all mission applications.
An additional Armasight proprietary hyper-image processing (HIP) code provides the Prometheus-C with a robust library of software features to tailor the image to the optimum standards required by the operator. The nine-pin connector on the Prometheus-C reveals the dynamic nature of this mite-sized powerhouse. Through the multi-pin connector, the operator can record video using the Armasight Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or augment the battery life by attaching to external battery options.

Special User-Adjustable Imaging Tools
Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE) – a digital “Contrast” correction that allows for a smart scene optimization based on dynamic adjustments where a variety of contrast levels occur depending on relative scene temperature.
Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) – a “Sharpness” correction that is digitally enhances the picture to present clearer imagery, significantly improves edge sharpening and further reduces image noise.
Smart Scene Optimization (SSO) – a fine-tuning computational correction that significantly improves an overall visual acuity for targets that have thermal signatures similar to a surrounding background.
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) – a “Gain” correction that used to automatically adjust the gain to an appropriate range, the weaker the image signal, the stronger the gain.
User-Controlled Manual Non-Uniformity Correction/Flat-Field Correction (UCMNUC/FFC). There is a mechanical shutter between the camera sensor and the lens. This shutter is used to perform a non-uniformity correction (NUC) also known as flat-field correction (FFC. During FFC, the shutter presents a uniform temperature source to each detector element in the array. While imaging the flat-field source, the camera updates the offset correction coefficients, resulting in a more uniform image after the process is complete. All Prometheus-C models allow for user to manually trigger or interrupt scheduled UCMNUC/FFC function.
Silent Shutterless NUC ™ (SSN) – In addition to user controlled manual NUC/FFC all Prometheus-C models employ a digital supplemental non-mechanical flat-field correction that allows to extend the periods between mechanical shutter events and to further reduce image noise. SSN is always ON enhancement.

Rugged, glass fiber reinforced construction
Tau-2 17μm pitch thermal sensor
Fast F1:1 front Germanium lens
640x480 color LED display
Easy and intuitive drop-down user interface
Simple 3-button control
Polarity control (black hot/ white hot)
Color & monochrome palettes
Digital Zoom up to 4x
Special User-Adjustable Imaging Tools:
Active Contrast Enhancement™ (ACE)
Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement™ (DDE)
Smart Scene Optimization™ (SSO)
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
Silent Shutterless Non-uniformity Correction™ (SSN)
Fast time to image ( < 3 sec)
Extended operation time with optional external battery power supply
Recording: video output/ optional video recorder with onboard replay
Limited 3-year warranty
10-year warranty on FLIR detector
Made in the USA

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Magnification : 2.0x
Objective Lens Type: Germanium
Type of Focal Plane Array: FLIR Tau 2
Pixel Array Format: 336×256
Pixel Size: 17 µm
Display Type: LED VGA
Pixel Display Format: 640×480
Turn-on Time, max: 3 sec
Digital Zoom: 1x, 2x, and 4x
Image Palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, Varios Color modes
Analog Input and Output Format (resolution)
PAL/ NTSC (640×480 pixels)
Video Recording: Optional Digital Video Recorder with SD card slot

Active Contrast Enhancement (ACE) - “CONTRAST”: Yes
Second Generation Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) – “SHARPNESS”: Yes
Smart Scene Optimization (SSO) – “SMART SCENE”: Yes
Automatic Gain Control (AGC): Yes
User-Controlled Manual Non-Uniformity Correction/ Flat-Field Correction (UCMNUC/ FFC): Yes
Silent Shutterless NUC ™ (SSN): Yes

Objective Focal Length: 25 mm
Objective F-number: 1:1
Field of View (ang.) :13° x 10°
Focusing Range: 0.25m to inf.
Diopter Adjustment: Manual
Diopter Adjustment Range: ±5 diopter

Battery: Two CR123A 3V Lithium
Battery Life at 20 °C (68 °F): Up to 4 hr
Extended Battery Pack: Optional (operational time up to 7 hr)
External Power Supply: 6 VDC/ 600mА

Operating Temperature: -40° to +50°C (-40° to +122°F)
Environmental Rating: Water and Fog-Resistant

Overall Dimensions: 150 × 90 × 52 mm (5.9 × 3.5 × 2.0 in)
Weight (w/o Batteries): 0.4 kg (0.88 lbs)

Warranty: 3 Years
Warranty on FLIR detector: 10 Years