Constant red laser beam

Highest power output laser commercially available

Keep all your rail space with a built in extra rail

Small as a matchbox - requires 1.75" of rail space

Super rugged - survives multiple drops to concrete! We even baked it to 350 deg Fahrenheit! It still works!

Adjustable windage and elevation setting for precise alignment

Maintains alignment through battery changes

Optional momentary activation switch comes in 6 and 10 inch cords

For: Picatinny; Mil-Spec; Weaver Style Rails (w/ minimum rail length of 1.75")

Battery Type: 357 (2)

Accuracy: User-adjusted for windage & elevation

Laser Operating Temperature: 5°F - 150°F

Wavelength: 650nm (red)

Power Output: 5mW

Spot Size: 5/16" @ 7 Yds; 3/4" @ 25 Yds

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