EREK= Erector Repositioning Elevation Knob. This knob has set itself into a new class of knobs in the industry.

The large diameter and the low height gives it a very unique look. With 110 clicks per one revolution, it allows for a large amount of travel in a single turn.

With 1/4 IPHY click values you will get a total of 22.5 IPHY per one revolution. The center rough zeroing screw allows the user to set where in the knob's travel the beginning and ending is. So you can adjust where the zero is located, or how many clicks below zero is set.

After the zero is set, the user must replace the top washer with the one provided with the tool kit, this will ensure an environmentally sealed scope.

*EREK 1/10 MIL 110 Click ( Default )

*EREK 1/4 IPHY 110 Click

Product options:

Elevation Options: