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The 5-25x56 PM II/LP/MTC/LT is the latest model of the 5-25x56 PM II series. Expanded functions of the adjustment turrets make the scope even more suitable for today's applications. The user has two turns available for elevation adjustment. Here, the second level includes clearly tactile markings. Elevation and windage turrets each feature "MTC" function. "MTC" on the windage turret is located at the engraved 0, the so-called "zero click". A special feature on these models is the locking function on the two adjusting turrets.

Field of view m/100 m 5,3 - 1,5
Exit pupil diameter mm 10,95 - 2,28
Eye relief distance mm 90
Twilight factor 14,1 - 37,4
Transmission 90 %
Diopter Setting Û3
Parallax adjustment 10 m - ∞
Weight g 1080
Reticle 2nd focal plane P4L fein
Verstelltürme ja
Zero Click Seitenturm

Click value Elevation Windage Direction Single Turn Double Turn
0,1 mrad 0-26 mrad ± 6 mrad cw x
0,1 mrad 0-26 mrad ± 6 mrad ccw x
¼ MOA 0 - 64 MOA< ± 14 MOA cw x
¼ MOA 0 - 64 MOA< ± 14 MOA ccw x

cw = clock wise
ccw = counter clock wise

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