The 11413 is a gun case in which you safely transport your weapons, protected from shock, moisture and dust. Besides guns there areof course other things to carry in this case. The pluck foam allows the interior to be be customized to your own liking. There are also various accessories like shoulderbelts and bags available.

The foam in this case can be adjusted to your own liking. The foam is build up out of strokes. By removing strokes you can get the form you need.

Explorer Cases are 100% manufactured in Italy suitcases and are seen as the most innovative watertight cases in the market. The cases are water and dust proof and resistant to the toughest conditions and shocks. The cases are resistant to temperatures from -33 to + 90 ° C. This makes them ideal for transporting things like photo equipment, optical equipment, electronics, military equipment, etc.

A number of superior qualities of the cases are:
•Waterproof, moisture proof, dust-proof and resistant to chemicals
•Resistant to temperatures from -33 to + 90 ° C
•Suitable for transporting weapons
•Equipped with wheels
•100% designed and manufactured in Italy
•The first case brand that met the new military standard qualifications
•Recognized as the most versatile cases to customize
•Widest choice of accessories
•Innovative patents

•Explorer Cases 11413 Sand with Foam