SportTac ( Tacitcal Sport ) employs a unique digital audio circuit which eliminates the unpleasant and disruptive abrupt sound cut-off that is found in many other electronic earmuffs. It responds smoothly and gently to loud impulsive noises with lightning speed so the cut-off is hardly noticeable. Ambient sound is reproduced or amplified to produce a natural directional feel.
* A J22 input jack allows connection to external audio devices via optional patch cords
* Two sets of headset cup covers supplied ( black and orange )
* Uses two type AAA batteries for up to 600 hours
* Can be modified for use with 2 way radios using optional communication kit and PTT adapter cables
* Folds to small size for storage

Colour : Black and orange.
Weight : 318 g.
NRR : 20 dB.

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