Powerful, reliable and easy to operate, the universally deployable
LLM01 target marker and target illuminator operates in
the visible and infrared spectrums.

High-intensity white light lamp
Red light laser marker or infrared laser marker
Both markers can be vertically and horizontally adjusted
Infrared LED close-in illuminator
Turn-switch for selecting the light source

Optional Light Sources/Filters
Laser head (instead of white light lamp;
exchangeable by operator)
Infrared filter (attachable to white light lamp)
Red light filter (attachable to white light lamp)
Filter disks with transmission level of >98% or
20% for laser marker
Light source can be switched on via trigger cable (accessory)
The luminosity of the individual marker or illuminator can
be individually altered.
Marker range >200m
Watertight up to 30m
2 CR17345 (IEC) batteries (e.g. DURACELL® DL123A)

Weapon Mounting
Various holders are available, e.g. for PICA-rails
(MIL STD 1913)

5-phase turn-switch for selecting the light source
The selected light source is switched on via three pushbuttons
on the LLM01 or the pushbutton on the trigger cable
The pushbutton on the trigger cable can

Variants/Operating Modes
LMT 630 and LMT 700

The operator can select the following operating modes:
White lamp only
Red light laser marker only
Infrared laser marker only
Infrared LED close-in illuminator only
Red light laser marker and white light lamp
Infrared laser marker and infrared LED close-in illuminator
All the light sources can be dimmed (five levels)

LMT 700 additional function
If none of the buttons are pressed, the light source switches
off automatically after five minutes.

Available as options:
The white light lamp can operate normally or in flash mode.
LMT – tuning/dimming adjustable
LMF – flash mode

Device Data
Laser class (all variants)
3R (i.a.w. IEC EN 60825-1:2003)
3a (i.a.w. ANSI Z 136.1-2000)
Operating voltage
4–6 VDC 2 Lithium batteries, CR 17345 (IEC),
5018LC(ANSI), e.g. DURACELL® DL 123A
Dimensions (LxWxH)
without bracket 86x46x47mm
Weight (with batteries, without bracket) <190g
Watertight up to 30m
after 500 rounds/dismounting/mounting ≤1.0mrad
Battery life (–10° to +55°)
up to 60h depending on selected operating mode
(battery life based on VARTA® CR2)
Temperature range
Operating –20°C to +55°C (C0–A1 i.a.w. MIL STD 810F)
Storage –46°C to +70°C (C2–A1 i.a.w. MIL STD 810F)
Relative humidity up to 100%

White Light Lamp (Lamp Head)
Output 6–8W
Luminous flux ≥90lm
Ray diameter ≥2m (after 10m)
Range >100m (in darkness)
VIS Marker (Red Light Laser)
withoutfilter <5.0mW
with filter (transmission level ≤20%) <1.0mW
Divergence (FWHM) <0.78mrad
in darkness >200m
in daylight >20m
IR Marker (Infrared Laser)
Output <0.4mW
Divergence (FWHM) <0.78mrad
Range >200m (in darkness)
IR Close-In Illuminator (Infrared LED)
Output ≤25mW (total radiant flux)
Divergence/ray diameter after 3m 0.6–0.7rad/2m
Range >10m (in darkness)

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