Sometimes there is more to making a shot at extended ranges than you expect, and especially when target identification becomes a deciding factor. With this in mind, the LR-17 series scopes provide the shooter a decisive advantage when engaging targets beyond 1,500 yards. A 44mm objective lens sits in front of a Turret Parallax Adjustment Locator (TPAL) system guaranteeing the sharpest image resolution possible throughout it’s 3.2-17X power magnification range. Target acquisition for accurate shots beyond 1,500 yards with proper target identification can be made with confidence when the power ring on the LR-17 is cranked all the way up. When weather and light conditions are less than optimal the 12-position illuminated reticle system provides yet another advantage for taking your best possible shot. All LR-17 scopes feature an Erector Repositioning Elevation Knob (EREK) system that maximizes gross elevation travel adjustment for maximum elevation adjustment where traditional turrets leave off. MIL, MOA and Horus reticle options are available in the LR-17 product line.
Optional elevation and windage knobs, reticles, lit reticle modules, and finish colors available at an additional charge. Scope body, eye piece, objective housing and any and all other body parts are made with 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum and are then coated with a matte black type III hard anodizing. Duel elevation and windage rebound springs will insure decades of reliable and accurate adjustments.

Magnification 3.2-17x
Length 16.50 in
Weight 2.10 lbs.
Eye Relief 3.5 in
Field of View (ft at 100 yds) 25.3 - 8.3
Area of Travel (MOA) 30mm = 75
Objective Lens (in) 1.7
Elevation Range (MILS) 20.5
Elevation Range (MOA) 74
Windage Range (MILS) 17.7
Windage Range (MOA) 64
Upgrade No

Not much to say here, the MIL Dot is the most known tactical style reticle used in scopes today. From center of dot to center of dot is 1 MIL, each dot is 3/4 MOA in diameter.

U.S. Optics has gone above and beyond the other manufacturers with our digital push button rheostat. This feature utilizes a three button design that allows the user to turn off/on and up/down.

This unit allows the user to set a needed intensity, then turn off the unit and then back on to the prior setting.

There is an automatic power shut off after 1 hour if no buttons are pushed. Battery life is 100 hours on the highest setting. A 2032 coin battery powers the unit.

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