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We only accept requests and orders from permitted countries as granted by NATO and Dutch law and regulations. Embargoed and Sanctioned Countries will not be processed and will not be accepted.


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Optics-World offers agency-direct sales to Law Enforcement and Government Agencies. We can answer any questions that you have, provide a direct quote for products as well as offer payment terms for orders placed via Purchase Order.  We understand in many cases that there are budget or delivery deadlines for acquisitions. Please enter “Agency Purchase” in your subject line so that we can be certain to provide you with a prompt response.



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Schmidt en Bender

Schmidt en Bender


Schmidt & Bender PM  II riflescopes are intended for use by police, military and competition shooters worldwide.



Our riflescopes are developed in close collaboration with police and military special forces well as competition shooters around the globe. All PM II riflescopes share outstanding reliability and precision, enabling the perfect shot over short, medium, long and ultra long distances.



The versatile riflescopes in the PM II and Competition Product Line cover every conceivable application scenario: from the use of a PM  II ShortDot riflescope on an assault rifle, in Urban Combat or 3-Gun, CQC and IPSC Competition, to the use of a PM II High Power riflescope on a .50 BMG to engage tactical targets over extremely long distances and extreme long-range competition (ELR, KO2M etc.).








ELCAN scopes are among the most reliable and accurate optics in the market. These high-performance scopes are designed for professionals in the military, law enforcement, and hunting fields. ELCAN Specter scopes are made with top-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity, even in the most demanding environments. They offer advanced features, such as a quick-change magnification, superior light transmission, and forgiving eye relief.


The ELCAN SpecterDR is the most popular scope in the ELCAN lineup. It offers dual-role capabilities, making it ideal for both close-quarter battle (CQB) and long-range shooting. The SpecterDR is available in multiple magnification levels, including the SpecterDR 1-4x and SpecterDR 1.5-6x, with illumination. The illumination system offers seven brightness settings, ensuring clear visibility in any lighting condition.


At ATI, quality and accuracy are a top priority. All scopes undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures. If you're looking for a high-quality scope that offers exceptional performance, durability, and accuracy, look no further than ELCAN. These top-of-the-line optics are sure to exceed your expectations and meet all your shooting needs.






Never miss THE MOMENT!

We are aware that every shooter and observer requires a very clear image through an easy-to-use and absolutely reliable product in order to evaluate the situation the best way possible. With this defined goal in mind we develop and manufacture rugged, high quality optical products that allow users precise targeting and observation at the crucial moment.




GSCI Photonis


GSCI Photonis



General Starlight Company Inc. is the leading Canadian manufacturer of electro-optical equipment, establishing itself at the forefront of the evolving Night Vision and Thermal Imaging industry. Since 1992, the brand has continuously offered the most advanced specifications and unique features found in the expansive field of low light electro-optics. These achievements have cemented the GSCI name within the international Military and Law-Enforcement markets by improving the effectiveness of government operatives in unfavorable visibility conditions.




Available tubes Photonis:


Phosphor available in: black and white or green.


Available tubes GSCI:

GEN 2+GEN 3 GA2, GEN 3 GA3, GEN 3 GA4, GEN 3 GA5

Phosphor available in: black and white or green.



We are proud partner of GSCI and Master Distributor.

GSCI High-Performance Dual-Tube Goggles PVS-31CL-MOD

GSCI Tactical Night Vision Monocular PVS-14C




Swarovski Optik




This has been the SWAROVSKI OPTIK motto since day one. For us, this also means exceeding our customers’ expectations and surprising them time and again – with the precision of our products, with our innovative technology and with our comprehensive service.


We are proud partner of Swarovski Optik and PREMIUM dealer.



Swarovski STR 80 MRAD


Brügger & Thomet

Brügger & Thomet


Any system is more than the sum of its parts. B&T has been producing weapon upgrades and accessories from the beginning. Thanks to the culture of Swiss precision and a wealth of personal and professional experience all B&T accessories tailored to the to the right weapon for the right application. The products produced by B&T are so well designed and produced that many of the OEM producers will actually buy B&T accessories for resale with their products.


B&T M4 handguard with 4 NAR rails B&T Vertical QD foregrip with integrated bipod (Grip-Pod)