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We ship to all European countries and countries listed when registering. It is not permitted to re-export items to sanctioned countries. See our terms and conditions.


By proceeding with a transaction to purchase any restricted item(s), the Customer certifies that the purchase does not require Optics-World B.V. to export such items, unless Optics-World B.V. is aware of the export and has obtained the appropriate Export Permit from The Netherlands (and from the country of origin if necessary). The Customer does not intend to export such items after receipt from Optics-World B.V. without the appropriate from The Netherlands (and from the country of origin if necessary). The Customer also needs a permit if the Customer exports it to permitted countries. The Customer must apply for this themself in the country where the Customer is located, this is always the Customer's own responsibility. This is only allowed to the permitted countries that are allowed from the Netherlands and the country where the product was made if this is applies to.



Optics-World B.V. has a continuous export license for DUAL-USE items outside Europe. (Note only the permitted countries).

We can send Thermal cameras (NO Thermal rifle scopes) to the following countries in accordance with our license (UAU 001):
Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland including Liechtenstein, United States of America, United Kingdom.

UAU EU001 Permit: NL0074CDIU0156944

All applicable export conditions are stated in our conditions. 


Article 1. applicability

1.6 You must check yourself whether the ordered products are permitted in your country, we deliver in accordance with Dutch law and are not responsible for any confiscation or fines. Always check whether you are allowed to import the product (with or without a permit).


5.3 Optics-World B.V. delivers in accordance with Dutch law. And supplies products that are permitted in the Netherlands. Optics-World B.V. is not responsible for the possible ban of our products in your country. You are responsible for checking whether the products are permitted in your country. You cannot recover any damages from us. You cannot recover damages from us in the event of possible seizures, etc. You are responsible for entering your order in your destination country.
5.4 We would like to inform you that our products are prohibited for (re)sale/export to the following countries/areas mentioned in the sanctions list.

5.5 It is not permitted to (re)sell/export products manufactured in the USA to countries outside the EU.

5.6 You are aware that after receipt of the product and payment you are the new owner and you will always investigate whether you may re-export the product in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations in your country.


Article 8. Embargo countries.
We do not ship products to the following countries:
Afghanistan, Belarus, Central African Republic, Cuba, Cyprus, Eritrea, Fiji, Iran, Iraq, Cote d'Ivoire, Lebanon, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Haiti, Liberia, Rwanda, Russia, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Republic of the Sudan (Northern Sudan), Yemen, Zimbabwe, Ukraine (only with export permit), Venezuela, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Serbia. Re-export to these countries is prohibited, including (temporary) export to these countries. If there is any suspicion of onward delivery or export to the countries mentioned, we will not proceed with delivery.
For more information, please refer to the European sanctions map: https://sanctionsmap.eu/#/main


Article 9. Orders outside Europe.
Optics-World B.V. does not send thermal imaging/thermal equipment (with the exception of thermal rifle scopes, which always require a permit outside the Benelux) outside Europe unless the destination is within the following countries: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland including Liechtenstein, United States of America and United Kingdom. We have a permanent export permit EU 001 for DUAL-USE goods for these countries. These goods are always reported to Customs (DHL) via the forwarder. These goods are shipped only.


Article 10. Goods in accordance with the military goods list.
Optics-World B.V. only supplies goods classified under the military goods list within the Benelux without an export license (exemption from export regulations). Outside the Benelux, an export permit from the CDIU is always required. For this purpose, the end user must always sign an End-Use Statement. Goods that are classified in our range are thermal rifle scopes (rifle scopes with image enhancement ML1 D.) and night vision (accessories) from GEN 1 (ML15 C.). These are only shipped outside the Benelux after receipt of an export license from the CDIU. If a riflescope is specially designed for military use only by the government, it may fall under export regulations ML1 D. These goods are only shipped.
More information can be found at: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/NL/TXT/PDF/?uri=OJ:C:2022:100:FULL&from=EN


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