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(Dutch Police Amsterdam) Politie Arrestatie team
Politie Bilzen - Hoeselt - Riemst
Lokale Politie Grens
Lokale Politie Rivierenland
Lokale Politie VOORKEMPEN
Politie Regio Puyenbroeck
Austria Police
France Police
Norway Police Forces
Danish National Police
Estonian Police
Finnish Defence Forces
Swedish Police
Ålands Polismyndighet
Romanian Police
San Bernardino Police Department
Royal Malaysia Police
Arma dei Carabinieri
Armed Forces of Ukraine
French Army
Austria Justiz
Dutch Military Police ''koninklijke marechaussee''
Dutch Department of Justice
Bureau for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL)
CIBIO / InBIO Portugal
Research Unit of Biodiversity (UO/CSIC/PA), Oviedo University, Spain
United Nations
Heckler & Koch
Vietnam MRCC - Search and Rescue
Khimaira Strategy Tactics
Portuguese Armed Forces
LPN - Liga para a Protecção da Natureza
New Zealand Customs Service
Tel Aviv University
Schutzgruppe Wiesbaden - www.schutzgruppe.de
Special Contractor Service ApS
Blom Ecologie verbindt natuur en samenleving
Koninklijke Landmacht
Koninklijke Luchtmacht
Netherlands Marine Corps
Spanish Armed Forces
JAWS Jordan
General Police Inspectorate of the Republic of Moldova
Politiezone RIHO 5453
NRL Spain
Poliisi  (Police of Finland)