The legendary PVS-7 night vision goggles have been the go-to choice for many NATO and allied forces for decades. These lightweight and versatile goggles can be used as a handheld, head-mounted, or helmet-mounted device. The MOD Version offers a uniquely designed power source connection, making it the longest operating night vision device in the market, plus optional manual gain control for added viewing comfort.


Additionally, it has an Automatic Brightness Control that adjusts the brightness of the image intensifier tube according to varying light conditions and a built-in infra-red illuminator that allows operation under zero light conditions with a warning light alerting that IR is in use. There is also a high light cut-off that turns off if over exposed to bright light sources plus optional long-range objectives (3X or 5X) which transform it into long range binoculars. This NVG has been tested in the toughest environments worldwide and its performance and reliability make it an obvious choice for law enforcement and military agencies everywhere.



General Specifications:

Optical Magnification: 1X

Obective Lens Focal Length: 27mm, f/1.2

Field Of View (FOV): 40°

Focussing Range: 0.25m .. Infinity

Diopter Adjustment Range: -5 .. +5

Built-In IR Illuminator: Yes, 850nm

IR-On LED Indicator: Yes

Interpupillary Adjustment Range: 53mm .. 72mm

Automatic Light Overload Shut-Off: Yes, Built-In

Bright Source Pretection: Yes

VIVID Image Intensifier: White Phosphor

FOM: 1400 - 1599

Manual Gain Control: No

Autogating: Yes

Low Battery LED Indicator: Yes

3-Position Switch: Yes: Off / On / IR

Stow Safety Feature: Yes

Stow Safety Feature: Yes

Automatic Brightness Control; Yes

Power Source: 2pcs AA Batteries

External Power Port: Optional

Battery Life on 2pcs AA: 40 Hours

Dimensions: 152 x 152 x 76mm

Weight: 375 grams

Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C

Warranty: 7 Years, Limited



White Phosphor

The latest technological achievements providing the greatest clarity of image when operating in urban, desert or forested environments. For these applications, the night vision user should turn to a white phosphor tube. Studies have shown that night-time scenes appear remarkably more natural in black and white versus the usual green. White phosphor also provides much clearer information about the contrast, shapes and shadows within an environment. 

Main Benefits: 

  • Greater image clarity
  • Scenes appear more natural
  • Clearer information regarding contrast, shapes, shadows
  • Perfect for urban, desert or forested environments



*PAY ATTENTION! This product requires an export license outside the Benelux. We take care of this with the Customs in the Netherlands. The customer only needs to sign an End-Use Statement for the application.*