The PVS-14C-VIVID, an advanced night vision monocular designed and built by GSCI Advanced Photonics. Its extensive use in diverse tasks and operations is attributed to the integration of advanced technological components, incorporation of valuable feedback from professional users, and over three decades of engineering excellence at GSCI.


This rugged and durable device has been meticulously designed to excel in the most challenging low-light environments, with a robust aluminum housing that promises uncompromised performance in even the harshest conditions. Despite its unparalleled toughness, the PVS-14C-VIVID remains lightweight and easily portable, allowing for effortless use as a monocular or helmet-mounted system.


The PVS-14C-VIVID is an advanced optical device that uses high-quality components, including white phosphor VIVID image intensifiers. These intensifiers are designed to provide exceptional performance in terms of contrast and light transmission, while also minimizing various types of optical distortions and artifacting that can affect image quality.


The VIVID image intensifier tube offers exceptional SuperGen-like features in terms of SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), MTF (modulation transfer function), and resolution when compared to regular Gen. 2+ tubes. Additionally, the VIVID tubes have a wider spectral range and higher spectral response, making them a superior option for a variety of low-light imaging applications.



General Specifications:

Lens System: 27mm, f/1.2

Diopter Adjustment Range: -6 .. +2

Proprietary GSCI-VIVID Premium Optics: Yes

Optical Magnification: 1X

Field Of View (FOV): 40°

IR Illuminator: Yes: Built-In

Bright Light Sensor: Yes: Built-In

IR LED Indicator: Yes

Bright Light LED Indicator: Yes

Low Battery LED Indicator: Yes

Stow Safety Feature: Yes

Flip-Up-Off Feature: Yes

VIVID Image Intensifier: White Phosphor

FOM: 1400 - 1599

Manual Gain Control: No

Autogating: Yes

External Power Port: Optional

Power Source: 1x AA, 1x CR123 or MVP-240

Battery Life (AA / CR123): 40 Hours

Battery Life on MVP-240: 240 Hours

Environmental Protection: Waterproof

Operating Temperature: -40°C .. +50°C

Dimensions: 109 x 62 x 53mm

Weight: 230 grams **

Warranty: 7 Years, Limited



White Phosphor

The latest technological achievements providing the greatest clarity of image when operating in urban, desert or forested environments. For these applications, the night vision user should turn to a white phosphor tube. Studies have shown that night-time scenes appear remarkably more natural in black and white versus the usual green. White phosphor also provides much clearer information about the contrast, shapes and shadows within an environment. 

Main Benefits: 

  • Greater image clarity
  • Scenes appear more natural
  • Clearer information regarding contrast, shapes, shadows
  • Perfect for urban, desert or forested environments


*PAY ATTENTION! This product requires an export license outside the Benelux. We take care of this with the Customs in the Netherlands. The customer only needs to sign an End-Use Statement for the application.*