With a powerful combination of a 640 thermal detector, a 50mm/F1.0 lens with a basic 3.3x magnification and 0.49’ 1920x1080 large OLED Display, SQ50 2.0 deliver unparalleled accuracy and clarity, suitable for a wide range of hunting scenarios.



Ultra Clear Image, Impressive Detail Recognition
With an extremely high sensitivity (NETD<20mK) detector combining a powerful thermal camera of 640x512 @12μm @ F1.0, HIKMICRO STELLAR 2.0 delivers ultra-clear images and enhanced identification capability under all weather conditions.
Advanced Design Brings Stunning Image Quality
The 1920x1080 sub-round 0.49’’ large OLED display with Image Pro Algorithm of thermal scope STELLAR 2.0 unlocks new and eye-pleasing observing perspectives, delivering an immersive hunting experience.
Ultra-Low Power Consumption, No Exciting Moments Missed
2 internal rechargeable batteries plus 1 replaceable and rechargeable 18650 battery provide STELLAR 2.0 an impressive 11-hour continuous running time. Users can enjoy their hunts without battery life concerns thanks to this upgraded power supply system.
Tube Design for a Traditional Look & Feel
HIKMICRO STELLAR 2.0 thermal scope’s classical-style design fits with 30 mm standard mount rings, meeting the demands of professional hunters who value tradition.
Robust Aluminum Alloy Housing Design for Durability
The aluminum alloy design results in a robust structure, allowing STELLAR 2.0 to stand up to harsh environmental conditions and challenging situations.
Multiple Reticle Profiles
5 reticle profiles with 4 colors and 10 reticle types can be configured and saved to meet individual needs.
Purpose-Built Features for a Better Operation Experience
With accurate PIP (Picture-in-Picture) function magnifying the center area of reticle and a continuous digital zooming up to 8x realized by the central wheel design, the thermal scope STELLAR 2.0 allows you clearly evaluate the target and make right decisions.
Sharing Your Exciting Moments
HIKMICRO Sight is a comprehensive APP designed for outdoor devices. It's an all-in-one solution that supports preview, remote control, browse & download, sharing incredible moments and firmware updates.
Thermal Module
Image Sensor: VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Max. Resolution: 640x512
Frame Rate: 50Hz
Pixel Interval: 12μm
Response Waveband: 8μm to 14μm
NETD: Less than 20 mK (@25°C),F#=1.0
Lens (Focal Length): 50mm, F1.0
Detection Range: 2600m
Focus Mode: Focus Ring
Field of View(H × V), Degrees / m @100m: 8.8° × 5.3°/15.4m × 9.2m
Min. Focusing Distance: 5m
Magnification: 3.3x-26.4x (8x) Support continuous zooming
Image Display
Display: 1920x1080, 0.49 inch OLED
Contrast Adjustment: Yes
Brightness Adjustment: Yes
Palettes: Black hot, white hot, red hot, fusion
FFC (Flat Field Correction) Mode: Auto, Manual, External Correction
Exit Pupil: 6mm
Eye Relief: 55mm
Diopter (Range): -5D to 5D
Image Pro: Yes
Tone Adjustment: Cold, Warm
Protection Level: IP67
Weight: 950g without external battery
Dimension: 425.4mm x 84mm x 71.4mm
Mounting: Standard 30mm
Working Temperature: -30 °C to 55 °C (-22 °F to 131°F)
Record Video: On-board video recording
Capture Snapshot: Yes
Hotspot: Yes
Standby Mode: Yes
Storage: Built-in EMMC (64 GB)
PIP: Yes
Hot Track: Yes
Distance Measurement: Yes
Audio Recording: Yes
Recoil-activation Recording: Yes
Freeze Zeroing: Yes
Max. Recoil: 1000g/0.4ms
Zeroing Profiles: 5
Power Supply
Battery Type: 
Two rechargeable Lithium batteries (internal), one replaceable and rechargeable 18650 battery (external)
Battery Operating Time: 11 hours continuous running (@25°C, Wi-Fi off)
Type-C Power Supply: 5 V DC/2 A, USB Type-C interface
Supports QC3.0
*PAY ATTENTION! This product requires an export license outside the Benelux. We take care of this with the Customs in the Netherlands. The customer only needs to sign an End-Use Statement for the application.*