Fusion Clip On - the thermal image for night vision devices


The thermal image clip-on device for existing night vision devices creates an image overlay and thus offers the advantages of both technologies combined in one device. The residual light amplifier allows the user to move freely in the dark and perceive their surroundings (depending on the power of the tube and the residual light available) as in the day. Thanks to the additional thermal imaging channel, objects that stand out from the surroundings based on their temperature can be perceived much earlier and even without any remaining light.


Even at distances of 50 m, it is extremely difficult to detect people who are not moving in the forest using residual light amplifiers. Especially if they are leaning against trees or bushes. The overlay of the residual light image with the thermal image means that the significant temperature differences between buildings and vegetation compared to body temperature can also be used as a detection source. The person is therefore clearly visible even from further distances.



Fusion technology

With a pure residual light amplifier, it is necessary to switch on an infrared brightener under poor conditions. This makes it very easy for the user to be detected. This risk is minimized with fusion technology.

The sensitive detector with a resolution of 640 x 512 offers a very high level of detail and therefore an increased range. With numerous modes such as Black/Hot, Target Enhancement and Outline, the user can optimally adapt the device to a wide variety of situations. As an economical addition, the F-COD can be adapted to almost all night vision devices.


The F-COD (Fused Clip On Device) has been used in many units in Germany for years and is very popular.

The improved successor model F-COD Pro will be available from Q3 2024. The F-COD Pro is even smaller, lighter and more powerful.



The F-COD offers 3 different basic modes:

Low light


The intensities of the individual modes can be fine-tuned to suit the user.


The AGC, Automatic Gain Control adapts the thermal imaging sensor to the different temperature conditions and thus provides an optimal contrast of the heat source to the surroundings.


Optional automatic or manual brightness adjustment, which is controlled via a light sensor, ensures optimal image display and reduces the risk of fade damage.



At just 50g, it is by far the lightest device on the market.


Instead of the previous two variants, F-COD and F-COD EB (with an external battery pack instead of an integrated battery), the F-COD PRO combines both variants in one. The “battery compartment”, or more accurately the battery container, can be removed without tools and a power supply cable can be attached.


For an even more pleasant picture, the field of view has been increased from 30.5° to 35°.

As usual, the F-COD PRO also has brightness sensors that ensure optimal image adjustment to prevent fades in the residual light amplifier.



Thanks to the variety of adapters, the F-COD PRO can be attached to all common night vision devices or equipped with an attachable eyepiece for hand-held operation.



Upon special customer request, we offer customized power and data supply cables as well as assemblies for OEMs.



An extensive range of accessories including data cables, Y-cables, mounts for all common night vision devices as well as battery compartments and eyepieces for hand-held use round off the range.