The thermal imaging camera offers the highest sensitivity with a compact and handy design. The device is equipped with a 640x512 px sensor, which has a fine resolution with 35 mm optics and achieves a great range. For example, human-sized targets can be detected at a distance of up to 1,818 m, even in complete darkness.


Additionally, the Eye III E6+ has a high-resolution OLED 1440 px screen that offers both precise images and high-contrast color.


Equipped with a stadiametric rangefinder, a rough estimated distance to the target can be quickly determined based on the estimated heights of the animals.


The thermal imaging device also has one-touch operation, so that all functions can be easily controlled with one finger on the control surface. The dioprie adjustment is carried out e.g. B. via a large adjustment ring, which can be operated perfectly even in the dark and enables fine and precise adjustment.


A built-in memory of 32 GB allows you to backup captured still images and video recordings. In addition, the device is equipped with a WiFi module that allows up to 4 connections at the same time.


The maximum operating time is 8 hours, and the battery can be recharged up to 90% within an hour via a USB-C fast charging port.



Technical data:
Sensor: 640x512 px
Display: 1440px OLED
Detection distance: 1,818 m
Operating time: up to 8 hours
Power source: battery
Detector sensitivity: 25 mK
Pixel pitch (pitch): 12 µm
Frame rate: 50Hz
Lens focal length: 35mm
Field of view: 8°
Optical magnification: 3-12x
Digital zoom: 2/4x
USB-C fast charging port
Image and video storage
WiFi connection, 4 connections possible at the same time
Storage capacity: 32GB
Dimensions (LxWxH): 20.2x6.5x6.4 cm
Weight: <480g



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