The Lahoux Clip 35 can be used both as a handheld device and as a dual use attachment. In combination with its low price, this results in an unbeatable price-performance ratio. The possibility of quick mounting and dismounting of the attachment allows you to fully exploit the potential of the Lahoux Clip 35. Its compact size and low weight allow for relaxed hunting. Whether during a stalk or when firing a shot, the Lahoux Clip 35 will meet every requirement. The high detection range of more than one kilometre and the large, super sharp 1024×768 OLED display allow to meet every hunting situation. Whether at feeding places or near damaged crops (like corn), the Lahoux Clip 35 enables hunting in the right way even in bad weather conditions, such as new moon or fog. For your convenience the Battery compartment Extender BFE 2 is included for the Lahoux Clip 35. 16650 batteries have a significantly longer runtime than the standard CR123 batteries.


This makes the Lahoux Clip 35 the optimal thermal imaging device for price-conscious hunters! The Lahoux Clip 35 is one of the lightest of the Lahoux Clip series with its 400 grams. The field of view of 10.66 ° x 8 ° offers an excellent view for extensive observations and is therefore ideally suited for the all-round hunter. The recommended shooting distance here is a maximum of 120 m.


Comes standard with the following accessories:

Carrying bag, Lens cloth, User manual, 2x CR-123 Battery, Eye rubber, Adapter ring, Powerbank, Battery compartment Extender BFE 2, 2x 16650 Battery.


  • 4 colour modes: white-hot, black-hot, red-hot / hot spot, white-hot/green
  • Digital zoom from monocular: 2x, 4x
  • Integrated: bluetooth, compass, laser and motion sensor
  • Suitable for standard calibres
  • The Lahoux Clip 35 features an extra wide, sturdy aluminum lens ring that provides plenty of grip when focusing




  • 384 × 288 Pixel


  • 17 µm

    Pixel pitch

  • < 50 mK

    Sensitivity (NETD)


  • 35 mm


  • F/1.2

    Relative aperture

  • 10.66°x8°

    Field of view

  • 1×, 2×, 4×

    Zoom (digital)


  • OLED 1024 × 768 Pixel


  • 2x CR123


  • 2x 16650

    Battery (with extended battery compartment, Lahoux BFE 2)

  • Circa 6 hours (at 21°C) *

    Battery runtime with Lahoux BFE 2


  • IP67


  • 150 × 52 × 57 mm


  • 0.40 kg


* Depending on the usage conditions



Product options:

Lahoux Adapter AD-545-x: