The use of a 12µm pixel pitch detector ensures maximum sharpness and contrast with a long detection range. The image refresh rate of 50 Hz enables a smooth and vibration free image. Characteristical features of the Lahoux Sight 35 include its detector resolution of 384 x 288 pixels, as well as the 35 mm lens. This provides a large field of view of 7.5° × 5.6°, which enables the Lahoux Sight 35 to observe larger areas in stalking situations, but also to have sufficient power reserve for further shots. This is not at least thanks to its 3 to 12× (1 to 4× digital) magnification. With its 5 colour modes, the Lahoux Sight 35 is suitable for any hunting situation. The user can choose between these 5 colour modes: White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Target Highlighting, Pseudo Colour.


Thanks to its centre tube diameter of 30 mm, the Lahoux Sight 35 is suitable for all common mounting types and, at 950 grams, weighs only slightly more than other top-of-the-range rifle scopes without thermal imaging function. The Lahoux Sight 35 is certified to IP67 and is optimally protected against dust and heavy rain in accordance with strict specifications. The Lahoux Sight 35 enables the use of high-performance thermal imaging technology in combination with proven rifle scope technology without significantly changing the familiar rifle scope design.


Comes standard with the following accessories:

Carrying bag, Lens cloth, User manual, USB-C Cable, 18500 Battery, Eye rubber.




  • 384 × 288 pixel


  • 12 µm

    Pixel pitch

  • < 50 mK

    Sensitivity (NETD)


  • 35 mm


  • 7.5° × 5.6°

    Field of view

  • 3.0-12.0×


  • 1.0-4.0×

    Digital zoom

  • 70 mm

    Eye relief

  • -4 – +4 D

    Diopter adjustment


  • LCOS

    Display type

  • 1280 × 960 pixel

    Display resolution

  • 2 internal 18650 batteries and 1 replaceable 18500 battery


  • 5V (Type USB-C)

    External power supply


  • ± 15 hours *

    Max. operating time (at 22 °C)

  • 30 mm

    Diameter of the rifle scope body

  • 1000 g/s²

    Max. recoil power

  • IP67


  • 16 GB

    Internal memory

  • -20~+50 °C

    Operating temperature range

  • Weight (without replaceable battery)

  • 385×85×75 mm


  • USB-C


* Depending on the usage conditions


*PAY ATTENTION! This product requires an export license outside the Benelux. We take care of this with the Customs in the Netherlands. The customer only needs to sign an End-Use Statement for the application.*