You can pay at Optics-World with the payment methods below. More options are coming soon. Do you have questions about how to pay? Please always contact us.




Wire transfer / Bank transfer


How does the Wire Transfer / Bank transfer payment work?

You can easily pay via your own bank to our account number anywhere in the world. You pay no extra costs at Optics-World. 

Bank account:

IBAN: NL13ABNA0891301607



Available: Worldwide






How does the IBAN Payment work?

You can easily pay via IBAN from your own bank account to our IBAN. You can decide when and how you pay. There are no additional costs at Optics-World for paying with IBAN.

Our IBAN: NL13 ABNA 0891 3016 07



Available: Worldwide





What is iDEAL?
iDEAL is the most popular payment method in the Netherlands, used by at least 60% of online shoppers for their purchases. This payment method is known for its reliability, security and ease of use. Customers can pay directly from their bank account through their trusted online banking environment, ensuring a guaranteed and irreversible transaction. The security of iDEAL transactions is guaranteed by the customer's bank.
Advantages of iDEAL
All popular payment methods via a single integration: this means you have all your transactions conveniently and clearly together in your transaction overview.


Available: The Netherlands




SEPA Bank Transfer


What is a SEPA bank transfer?
SEPA stands for Single Euro Payments Area. SEPA was introduced by the European Council to streamline the European payments structure. With SEPA, bank transfers can be done from any European checking account to any other European checking account. Paying by bank transfer is a very familiar and safe way for customers to pay online. They use their own trusted online banking environment to transfer money. SEPA bank transfers are supported in 34 countries. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and Poland all know high percentages of shoppers using SEPA bank transfers to pay for their online purchases.


How does a SEPA bank transfer work
If you choose to pay via SEPA bank transfer, you will receive the payment details directly on your screen or via email. You can then log in to your own online banking environment and make the payment there, when it suits you. Instead of entering the details by hand, we provide QR codes that automatically fill in all the required bank details.


Available: European Union (EU): Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic and Sweden.


Plus the following 9 'separate' SEPA countries: Andorra, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, including Guernsey, Isle of Man and Jersey), Vatican City and Switzerland .




SOFORT Banking


What is Sofort Banking?

SOFORT Banking is used throughout Europe. Shoppers pay with this without having to create an account. If you are going for a European expansion, SOFORT is an ideal payment method. As a trusted and easy way to pay online,


Available: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Spain and Switzerland




Klarna: Pay now


What is Klarna: Pay now?

Klarna: Pay now is a payment method where you can choose whether you want to pay via an online banking or direct debit orders. Checkout is a matter of one click. Is more information needed to complete the transaction? Klarna will then automatically ask you about this. Ideal for quick purchases.


Available: Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Spain and United Kingdom






What is Belfius?
Belfius is one of the largest banks in Belgium that offers its customers its own online payment method. Customers with a Belfius bank account can use this payment method to transfer payments directly from the Belfius online banking environment or via the bank's app. Payments made via the Belfius Pay Button.


How does the Belfius Pay Button work?
If you choose to pay with the Belfius Pay Button, you can pay via the smartphone app or via the online banking environment Belfius Direct Net. If the app is chosen, scan a QR code and authorize payment via the app, where the payment details are already filled in. When you use Belfius Direct Net, use the card reader to confirm the payment. 


Available: Belgium






What is Bancontact?
Bancontact is the market leader in Belgium when it comes to electronic payments


Available: Belgium






What is the KBC/CBC payment button?
The KBC/CBC payment button is an online payment method for customers of KBC and CBC, the largest consumer banks in Belgium. KBC is the branch in Flanders while CBC provides services in Wallonia. Both branches offer their customers a payment button with which online payments can be transferred quickly and easily. When you choose to pay via the KBC/CBC payment button, you make the payment directly from your own, trusted online banking environment.


Available: Belgium




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