Lynx (German: Luchs) are fast, silent and have eyes that are six times as light sensitive as those of a human. This allows them to see their prey not only at dusk or dawn, but even over long distances in complete darkness.

These are exactly the properties that we used for the latest LIEMKE clip-on optics. Experience the darkness through the eyes of the nocturnal hunter – with the LIEMKE LUCHS family.

With the unique combination of a large field of view and a long range with unrivaled image quality, the LIEMKE LUCHS thermal imaging family are premium products that are second to none.


With their compact design, long battery life and intuitive operation, LUCHS clip-on optics set new quality standards in practical use. Whether LUCHS-1 or LUCHS-2 – all members of the LUCHS family are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Thanks to the combination of the powerful sensor with a universal 35 mm / 50 mm lens, LUCHS-1 and LUCHS-2 are suitable for forest and field hunting and work in
perfect synergy with universal or driven-huntrifle scopes. Both LUCHS models can be used as clip-on devices or as hand-held units.


The LIEMKE LUCHS family features flexible operation with 3 modes:

Standard: preset

Basic: limited to essential functions

Individual: Configurable for tech-savvy users

Memory slots are available for adapting settings to three different weapons /optics.



The LUCHS models are designed and then tested to ensure that they meet the same requirements for impact resistance as premium rifle scopes. Rain, dust and temperatures between -20 °C and +50 °C also cause no problems for the clip-on optics.


Sensor 640 × 512 12μm VOx
Objective lens 50 mm / F1.0
Field of view 15,4x12,3 m /100 m
Discovery distance 2.500 m
Optical magnification 1x (2x direct zoom available)
Refresh rate 50 Hz
Display 1024x768 OLED color display
Integrated battery, up to 9 hours of running time
External power supply USB-C
Wireless connection / storage WiFi / 32GB internal storage
Connection thread M43x0.75
Waterproof IP67
Operating temperature -20 ° C to 50 ° C
Size 179x64x69 mm
Weight 625 g



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