With the new MPS (Micro Pistol Sight), Steiner combines battle-tested durability and extreme robustness on a pistol red dot. The MPS is designed to withstand the toughest demands of law enforcement and competitive shooters while providing outstanding situational awareness. With this, Steiner continues its efforts to offer high-quality optics for all tactical applications. All-metal construction, reinforced sidewalls, and a recessed window with a metal hood make this one of the toughest, most reliable pistol sights ever designed. The visor window is fully sealed and filled with nitrogen, which protects the 3.3 MOA roof-mounted transmitter from weather and water to a depth of 10 meters. The top battery compartment allows for quick and easy battery changes without having to remove the optics and a low sight window near the slide. At 58 grams, the MPS is compact and light and offers robust equipment with 6 brightness levels for day and 2 for night vision. Auto-off is user-selectable and the battery lasts a whopping 13,000 hours at medium brightness. True 1x magnification and Steiner quality optics provide a sharp image for open-eyed operation with full situational awareness.



Compact size At 58 grams, the MPS is compact and lightweight, making it the perfect red dot sight for fast and accurate aiming.

Daylight bright dot With 6 brightness levels for day and 2 for night vision, the MPS provides the right illumination anytime, anywhere.

13.000 hour battery life The automatic switch-off after 13h can be freely selected by the user, depending on the purpose of use, while the battery lasts a full 13,000 hours at medium brightness.

Rugged design The completely enclosed LED is water tight making it reliable in the harshest weather and environmental conditions.

Situational awareness The 1X magnification offers an undistorted image for both eyes open operation and complete situational awareness.

Multiple mounting options The MPS is compatible with most opticready pistols and baseplate adapters on the market.



Optical features

Magnification: 1x

Effective lens: 20 mm x 16 mm

Parallax compensation (Fix): 25 m


Function & Equipment

Height adjustment range: 90 MOA (50Mil)

Adjustment range side: 90 MOA (50Mil)

Adjustment steps: 1 click - 1 MOA

Destination: 3,3 MOA

Colour of the destination point: Red

Lighting control: 8 levels, 6 day/night and 2 night vision byswitching up and down; it is possible to lock thesetting by pressing both buttons simultaneously

Auto-off: 13 h

Shockproof: 1000 g

Operating temperature: -40 to +60 °C

Storage temperature: -40 to +63°C


General features & accessories

Width: 45 mm

Height: 31.5 mm

Depth: 30.5 mm

Weight: 58 g

Weight of supplied Docter adapter: 36 g

mounting rail: Flat mount

Height between floor and optical centre: 12.5 mm

Battery: CR 1632

Battery life: 13000 h (average brightness)


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