This adapter is a simple and effective way of securely attaching the NVD-950 to your rifle scopes objective bell. Once the adapter is screwed onto the NVD-950 you simply slip it over the front lens of your scope and move the lever to the clamp closed position. The attachment takes just a few seconds. The adapter slips over approximately 1.4” of your objective lens so there is lots of clamping surface area for a great hold. The inside of the adapter is lined with a special film to provide for extra gripping power and also assures a scratch free attachment.


To determine the exact model you need consult our list below or measure in millimeters the outside diameter of your objective lens at its end.  The measurement needs to be exact so use calipers. Take the measurement you obtain in millimeters and then add one additional millimeter to determine the adapter size you need. The adapter does have some fit adjustment capability and you may need to do a final best fit adjustment when you receive your adapter, a tool is provided for this purpose. A proper and best fit is when the clamp closes with slight resistance. If aggressive force is required to close the lever then the adapter is too tight and must be adjusted as damage to objective lens is possible if it’s squeezed by the adapter too aggressively.

Note: The adapter is approximately .125” thick and we recommended that the space between the bottom of your scope’s objective lens and your barrel or rail be a minimum of .25”.


Unfortunately we do not offer adapters for every size objective lens. As an alternative we offer a Picatinny rail adapters in various heights for use where weapon design offers this attachment possibility. 


Rusan Q-R adapter for devices with thread M52x0.75 - Ø [mm]

Suitable for next devices:

   Dedal 540/541/542/546/552

   Jahnke DJ-8 NSV

   Lahoux D-545, LV-81

... and many others with thread M52x0.75


Product options:

Rusan Q-R M52x0.75 adapter: