Article no.: A-0601

For Leupold MK4 12-40x60 Tactical Spotting Scope.

Some available features for the accessory ring:
1. Attaching red dot sights for quickly finding objects, especially in low light conditions.
2. Attaching lasers for pointing out targets.
3. Attaching Cosine Indicators so a spotter can see the angle to the target.
4. Attaching IR illuminators to identify and illuminate targets.
5. Attaching a rangefinder to increase the accuracy when aiming the rangefinder.

Instructions: To attach Spotting Scope Ring, remove the rubber gasket surrounding the front exterior of the objective housing. Slide the Spotting Scope Ring fully in place of the rubber gasket. Tighten the three M4x10 Torx 20 screws until snug. Attach A-0002 Picatinny rail using the M4x Torx 20 screws.

Weight: 85 g/3.0 oz

Note: Most of our Scope Mount accessories can be used on this ring. Comes with 1 pcs of A-0002.