Manufactured entirely in Germany, the M5Xi series has a first-class design, outstanding optical performance and maximum precision for sport shooters at very long distances (+1,500m). Absolute clarity even in the worst lighting conditions (94% light transmission) also make the M5Xi a perfect companion on the hunt. It outperforms established competition with Steiner's legendary military ruggedness, superb handling and unbeatable accuracy.



The German-made M5Xi series features world-class engineering and optical systems, built to strict military specs and precisely crafted for victory – on the battlefield, or in competition. The 5-25x is the ultimate sniper scope for long-range platforms and large calibers. High power and equivalent elevation travel extend your range beyond 1,500 meters, with outstanding visibility even in lowest light.

Long range scope with 34mm tube, true 25x magnification, etched glass reticles, patented DuoScale elevation with second-rotation scale that’s hidden when inactive.



High-Performance Optics

For 94% + light transmission to ensure optimal performance in low light.



  • 5x zoom - Provides maximum range at high magnification, greater at low magnification, and eliminates tunnel effect.
  • High line optics - With a brilliant image and light transmission of over 94%.
  • Intuitive, dimmable reticle illumination - With easy-to-grip light unit on the center tube. The illuminance can be adjusted via easy-to-use knobs for all lighting conditions with 11 light levels (4 x day, 7 x night) light levels (4 x day, 7 x night) as well as an OFF position between the light levels. stages can be varied. Battery compartment integrated in the control element.
  • Parallax compensation and brightness control Housed in the same turret (left) for easy handling.
  • Precise side/height adjustment easy and precise for repeated accuracy, with click adjustment they can hear and feel with every click.
  • DuoScale - Patented height adjustment with click display on two levels for quick detection of the current setting.
  • Extreme ruggedness - Designed to the highest military standards to withstand forces of up to 900 G on all optical and electronic optical and electronic components. Water pressure tightness up to 10 m due to special Sealing techniques. Neither dust nor dirt nor moisture can penetrate the interior. Fogging or the formation of condensation inside is impossible with the STEINER nitrogen pressure filling. Temperature fluctuations from -25 °C to +65 °C do not affect the functionality. functionality.
  • Reticle Variants - The M5Xi is available with the following reticles: G2B, MSR2, TReMoR3, B4.



Optical features

Magnification min./max.: 5x/25x

Lens diameter: 56 mm

Lens tube diameter: 34 mm

Exit Pupil: 9.8-2.2 mm

Eye distance: 90 - 110 mm

Dioptric compensation: –3 to +2

Parallax-free: 50 Meter to infinity

Parallax compensation (Focus): Side Focus


Function & Equipment

STEINER Nitrogen filling: Yes

Reticle: MSR-2

Reticle position: 1. BE

Reticle adjustment per click at 100 m: 1 cm

Max. Travel at 100 m height / side: 260 cm / 60 cm

Lighting control: Rotary Digital Control with Intermediate Stops

Functional area: -25 to 63° C

Pressurised waterproof:  up to 10 m


General features & accessories

Dept: 420 mm

Weight: 1000 g

Battery: CR2450

Warranty: 10 years on function (2 years on electronic parts)


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