Steiner sets the new standard for sniper rifle scopes by connecting them to the digital world. Based on the outstanding success of the M5Xi, already used by many special forces units worldwide, Steiner has now developed the ultimate DMR riflescope M8Xi 1-8x24 with an 8x zoom and an improved field of view (4.8-34.2 m at 100 m). The 8x zoom gives the shooter more flexibility and higher optical resolution at short and medium distances, while the large field of view and outstanding optical quality provide a perfect overview of the surroundings at all times.



  • Very short design of the scope allows more space for mounting additional equipment (e.g. thermal imaging or night vision device) for outstanding operational capabilities in any combat situation.
  • Flat Adjustment towers allow full attention in any situation and additional mounting options for any extensions.
  • Precise height/side adjustment - With a repeatable and accurate mechanism. For easy and precise adjustment, with tactile and audible click adjustment and an indicator for the second rotation.
  • Illuminated Absehen - Mit einem brillanten Bild und einer Light transmission of over 94%.
  • High performance optics With repeatable and accurate mechanics.
  • Extreme robustness & High shot resistance - Due to resistant materials and reliable construction. A rugged 34mm tubular body provides reliability and offers more room for height and side adjustment for greater widths.
  • Pressurized waterproof & Shockproof - The M7Xi and M8Xi are pressure waterproof up to 20 meters with a functional operating range of -46°C to +64°C. They absorb shock up to 900G.
  • Variants for the Reticle - The new M7Xi is equipped with the following Reticle available: MSR2, G2B, TReMoR3. The M8Xi is equipped with the Reticle DMR8i available.



Optical features

Magnification min./max.: 1x - 8x

Lens diameter: 24 mm (0.94 in.)

Lens tube diameter: 34 mm

Field of view at 100m: 32,0 - 4,5 m

Eye distance: 90 mm

Dioptric compensation: –2 to +2

Parallax-free: 100 m


Function & Equipment

STEINER Nitrogen filling: Yes

Reticle position: 2.BE

Max. Travel at 100 m height / side:  260 cm / 26,0 mils / ± 60 cm / 6,0 mils


General features & accessories

Dept: 260 mm

Weight: 750 g

Battery: CR 2032

Warranty: 10 years on function (2 years on electronic parts)


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