The ZC210 is the optical solution for professional applications on DMR precision rifles used by military, law enforcement and demanding civilian use.


Sports shooters in IPSC, 3Gun competitions or hunters in stalking and driven hunts can benefit from the features of the compact 2-10x riflescope due to its wide application range and high optical quality.



Rapid target acquisition (especially in highly dynamic situations) The newly developed ZCO reticles, combined with a large eye box and a very wide field of view at 2x magnification (18.6 m @ 100 m), are essential for fast target acquisition.


Precise shot delivery at distances up to 800 m Fundamental to this is the quality of the ZCO optics with 10x magnification, high light transmission (92%), and precise parallax adjustment from 8 m to infinity. The 36 mm central tube diameter in this scope class allows a 30mm objective lens, a class leading eye box, light transmission and image quality. Our turret features a negative 2.0 mil Zero stop which allows for the use of the “speed drop” technique on intended platforms.


Compact design with low overall mass Intelligent optical calculation enabled the implementation of the short design (267 mm), allowing for the use of night vision attachments even on compact weapons. The weight (770g) was optimized without compromising on durability or optical performance through a newly designed housing and the use of titanium components.


Intuitive operability Elevation and windage (1/10 mrad click) can be precisely and repeatably adjusted on flat, ergonomically optimized, lockable turrets. Illumination with “AIM” function and parallax adjustment are continuously controlled on the left-hand side turret.


Functional reliability under military operating conditions The riflescope withstands the most challenging environmental conditions (temperature range: -25°C to 60°C, waterproof up to 4 m), as well as mechanical stress typical of military use. The reticle illumination is powered by a standard CR 2032 battery.



2 – 10x
Center pipe diameter: Ø36mm
Lens diameter (lens): 30mm
Lens diameter with wall: 38mm
Eyepiece diameter with wall: 48.5mm
Image level: 1. BE
Reticle: Predator, HTR, DMR
Reticle illumination: Yes
Reticle color: Red/green adjustable
Pupillary distance: 90mm
Transmission value: 92%
Diopter adjustment: Yes, lockable
Field of view: 18.6 – 4 m at 100 m
Height adjustment path (tower): 460 cm at 100 m
Adjustment path side (tower): 350 cm at 100 m
Minimum height required for assembly: H 26 / 11 mm
Color: Black
Length: 267mm
Weight: 770g
Tower rotation direction: CCW (Counterclockwise)
Adjustment value / click: 0.1 MIL
Parallax compensation: 8 m to ∞
Waterproof up to: 4 m
Storage temperature range: -40 to +80°C
Temperature range use: -25 to +50 °C
ZF mounting rail: No
Required battery: 1x CR2032
Dimmable for night vision: Yes
Scope of application: Hunting, service, sport shooting


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