This Compact Thermal Monocular can be: Hand held, Helmet or Head mounted for long term comfortable observation of the scene. ATN's Obsidian LT core drives this hands free, compact, ergonomic and versatile thermal monocular for the best observation expeirence. In the cover of night, trust ATN to give you sight. 



Ergonomic Design

This Compact Thermal Monocular fits in one hand and is easily manipulated, giving the user versatility and easy access to the menu. 




The Hi-Res 1280x960 display will provide clear and vivid images of the scene being observed. 






Lens: 19 mm

Resolution: 640x480, 60 fps, 12 μm

Magnification: 1-4x

Field of View: 23.2x17.4

Core: ATN Obsidian Core LT

Display Resolution: 1280x960 px

Eye relief: 25 mm

IP rating: Weather resistant

Color modes: White Hot, Black Hot

Battery type: 1 x CR123A (Li-ion)

Battery life (Li-ion): 2.5 Hrs (or Optional Rechargeable Battery with 5 Hrs of runtime)

Charging: USB, type C port is on the Optional Rechargeable Battery

Operating Temperature: -20°F to +120°F / -28°C to 48°C

Dimensions: 131x71x46 mm

Weight: 285 g

Human Detection Range: 715

Human Recognition Range: 445

Human Identification Range: 260

Warranty: 3 Years