The CPNVG is a night vision goggle with a 97° field of view. This means it comes very close to natural human vision of around 120°. Compared to conventional night vision goggles with a 40-50° field of view, lateral head movement is reduced. The CPNVG is a non-governmental version for purely civil use. The CPNVG is equipped with standard 18mm Small Anvis tubes. As standard, it is offered with Photonis ECHO14+ Onyx (1800FOM-2200FOM), Photonis ECHO+ Onyx (2200FOM+) or with the Photonis 4G+ (2200FOM-2600FOM). The commercial version only uses Generation 2+ tubes, instead of the high performance Gen 3 tubes that are used in the official version GPNVG from L3Harris.



The device has a flip-up switch-off function that can be deactivated.


CPNVG Alpha 1400FOM+ approx. 

CPNVG Echo14+ Onyx 1800-2200FOM

CPNVG Echo+ Onyx 2200FOM+ (civilian tube with more spots)

CPNVG 4G+ Onyx 2200-2600FOM



Scope of delivery:


Battery compartment 4xAA Commercial

Cable 4-4 in Commercial

Hard Case Commercial



White Phosphor

The latest technological achievements providing the greatest clarity of image when operating in urban, desert or forested environments. For these applications, the night vision user should turn to a white phosphor tube. Studies have shown that night-time scenes appear remarkably more natural in black and white versus the usual green. White phosphor also provides much clearer information about the contrast, shapes and shadows within an environment. 

Main Benefits: 

  • Greater image clarity
  • Scenes appear more natural
  • Clearer information regarding contrast, shapes, shadows
  • Perfect for urban, desert or forested environments


*PAY ATTENTION! This product requires an export license outside the Benelux. We take care of this with the Customs in the Netherlands. The customer only needs to sign an End-Use Statement for the application.*

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