How can I see if the product is in stock?

- Because Optics-World largely sells products via email, it is impossible to keep the website stock up to date. Our inventory system is not linked to the website (security reasons)


- If you ask a question about the current stock by email, you will often receive a response within an hour (during working hours).


- We have a lot in stock! If no permit is required, it can be shipped the same day or within 2/3 working days.


Can I re-export my purchase?

- According to Dutch law and regulations, this is only allowed with DUAL-USE goods within the EU. Outside the EU, a permit is required from the country where you want the product to leave the EU. For products that are assigned in the military goods list you always need a permit when leaving the country, even temporarily!


- If you want to re-export a product that was made in the USA and is therefore classified under the EAR regulations, you need permission from the USA.


- Have you declared via an EUS form that you do not re-export as in Germany or other countries and do you still want this? Then you must apply for this in the country of origin.


Does Optics-World ship internationally?

Yes, we do that according to legislation. Products such as night vision require a permit. For goods where this is not described, we deliver them to all countries that are in the country list with your customer registration.


Can I pick up my order from your warehouse?

No, that is not allowed. This is because we sell products that are classified as DUAL-USE or in the Military Goods List and can only show to whom they are sold when we send them.


Can I pay in cash at Optics-World?

No, that is not allowed. We must account to the government to whom we sell these products and with a cash payment there is no control over this.


How do I know if my shipment has been shipped?

You will always receive an email from us with a tracking code. Did you not receive it? Then always contact us. This email may also have ended up in your spam folder.


What risk do I have as a customer with a shipment?

- As a customer you have the right to the product you paid for. We only send shipments with insured service so that you never have the risk that a shipment may be lost. Does this happen? Then we are insured for the package and will send a new product or refund the amount. (unless stated otherwise in our terms such as B2B or licensed products).


- Did the shipping company put your shipment somewhere or did you not receive anything? Please always contact us.


Do I have a warranty on my purchase?

- Of course you always have a full warranty. For every product we sell you have a factory warranty at all times or through the dealer such as Optics-World.


- Is your product broken outside of warranty? Or by your own doing, perhaps by accident? Then we can offer the product to the factory/importer for repair. The costs will be discussed with you in advance.


I would like to make a business purchase but have it shipped to a different address.

We only deliver to the address linked to the company. It is not possible to deliver to a country other than your company, only the same country as your company.


Does Optics-World offer a Military/Law EnforcementDiscount?

Yes we offer that. Please contact us for this.

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