Clip CH50 V2 is a front attachment designed as the infrared expansion device of the
day-light sight. Different from the night vision device based on image enhancement,
Clip CH50 V2 doesn’t need external light source and isn’t influenced by strong light
exposure. It can be used in the night or bad weather conditions such as fog, rain, smog
and can detect the objects through obstacles such as branch, tall grass, dense bushes
and so on. Clip CH50 V2 has a wide range application including night hunting,
observation and terrain orientation, search and rescue operations.

Using the Clip Series Front Attachment includes several benefits over night hunting
with traditional optics or even the night vision devices. Attaching the Clip Series to a
traditional scope delivers the same creature comforts of shooting with day optics you
are accustomed to, including your existing reticle and eye relief. The Clip Series Front
Attachment even allows you to continue utilizing your riflescope's variable


Sensor: 640 × 512 @12μm
Netd, MK: ≤50
Frame Rate, Hz: 50
Objective lens, mm: 50
Field of view: 8.8 ° × 7.0 °
Enlargement: × 1
Battery type: 2x CR123/16340
Battery life up to approx. (T = 24 ℃), H 3.5
IP protection class: IP66
Weight (without batteries), G: ≤420
Dimensions, mm: 166 × 60 × 68




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