The eagerly awaiting IOR Crusader 2.0 MIL is finally here! The IOR Crusader 2.0 has taken the fan favourites in terms of features and specifications and merged them with new & updated desires to help cement the IOR Crusader in optical history as being perhaps the greatest rifle scope ever made.

Its wide magnification range has grown ever so slightly to give you a true 8x magnification range. The IOR Crusader 2.0 MIL moves forward over its predecessor and now starts from 5x giving you an optic that can literally be used for 90% of shooting disciplines.

The IOR Crusader 2.0 MIL features a brand new turret system and now provides the shooter with 125 MOA (35 MRAD) of internal elevation adjustment in the form of 0.1 MRAD clicks. This fan favourite click value ensures the shooter can perform in all forms of competition.

Magnification: 5-40x
Objective Diameter: 56mm
FOV : Angular: 4.05 degrees - 0.50 degrees
FOV : Linear: 7.07 - 0.87m @ 100m
Output Pupil Diameter: 5.4-1.55 mm
Output Pupil Relief: 85-95mm
Dioptrical Adjustment: 3 DPT
Adjustment Range Elevation: 35 MRAD ( 125 MOA)
Adjustment Range Windage: 7 MRAD ( 25 MOA)
Click Value: 0.1 MRAD
Parallax Correction: 7m - infinity
Reticle: FFP & Illuminated MIL
Battery: 3V CR2032
Tube Diameter: 40mm
Length: 397mm
Weight: 1.25 kg
Made in Romania

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