The Lahoux Spotter NL 650 is a high-quality, compact thermal imager intended for observation. By using the latest technology, the Lahoux Spotter NL 650 offers the sharpest image and the best performance in its class. Nothing remains hidden any longer in your hunting ground, regardless of the weather.


The energy-efficient electronics and long battery life make long-term uninterrupted use possible. The uncomplicated ergonomic design offers optimum comfort and a high degree of employability. The Lahoux Spotter NL 650 is produced entirely in the Netherlands, to the highest quality standards.


Comes standard with the following accessories:

Pouch, Lens cloth, User manual, Carrying strap, 18650 Battery.


  • Highest reliability and unrivaled performance in the dark and in bad weather conditions.
  • Long runtime. Easily exchangeable, rechargeable battery. Polarity is automatically recognized.
  • Elegant and compact design.
  • Lightweight and also suited for smaller hands. Fits easily into a bag.
  • Simple and intuitive operation (also with gloves).
  • Wide field of view eyepiece with Schott glass, for optimum viewing comfort.
  • USB-C connector for fast charging, or use of power bank.
  • Wireless transfer via WiFi. Internal storage (32 GB) of photos and videos.
  • Colour display for an optimum image.




  • 640×512

    Sensor resolution

  • 12 μm

    Pixel pitch

  • 50 Hz

    Frame rate

  • 8-14 μm

    Spectral range

  • Sensitivity to heat (NETD)


  • 50 mm


  • F/1.2

    Relavtive apeture

  • 8.8° × 7.0°

    Field of view

  • 2,8x, 5,5x, 11,0x

    Optical magnification

  • 1×, 2×, 4x

    Digital zoom


  • OLED 1024×768


  • Wifi

    Video output (analog)

  • 18650 li-ion battery



  • 186×63×55

    Dimensions (l×w×h)

  • 0.46 kg


  • IP67


  • -20 °C tot 40 °C

    Temperature range

  • 6-8 hours *

    Battery life (power save mode)

* Depending on the usage conditions