The Night Tronic 910 / PVS7 is the classic among professional night vision goggles. As a biocular system, it is designed for fatigue-free observation and, with a head or helmet holder, is also suitable as driver's goggles. Interchangeable lenses enable use as binoculars.


Magnification: 1 x (opt. 3x / 5x)
Luminous intensity: f1 / 1.2
Weight: 680 g
IR emitter: up to 10 m
Battery: 2x AA
Generation: Gen 2+ or Gen 3


NT910 in the Bravo version


Specially designed for hunting but also for official use, and manufactured on our behalf, these tubes represent the optimum in terms of price / performance ratio.

This is a classic Generation 2+ tubes from Photonis in the range 22-26 S / N and around 64 lp / mm. Due to the stronger tubes, it offers more reserves even under poor light conditions and thus a calmer and brighter picture.


*PAY ATTENTION! This product requires an export license outside the Benelux. We take care of this with the Customs in the Netherlands. The customer only needs to sign an End-Use Statement for the application.*

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