The Nightforce UltraMount was originally designed and chosen to meet the needs of USSOCOM’s S-VPS, R-VPS, and P-VPS riflescope programs. The UltraMount’s engineered combination of aluminum, steel, and titanium balances weight, strength, and stiffness to ensure a reliable and repeatable mounting solution for both bolt guns and gas guns. The UltraMount is available in many commercial configurations*: Dark Earth or Black anodizing, 1.54in or 1.93in height, and 0MOA or 20MOA bias options.



1.54in Height: 5.9oz
1.93in Height: 6.1oz



*The commercial UltraMount shares the same materials and construction as the MIL-SPEC UltraMount but has different engraved instructions and Nightforce branding.


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